Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Update

I had a few things to report on, so i thought I'd quickly mention some things. Will got home from Colorado, and we were excited to see him and have him back. Will kept bragging about the weather in Colorado, but what he didn't know is how nice the weather was here!! It's actually been cool this week, and it's so nice. Usually summer is so hot and humid and sticky that we try and limit our outside time to walking to the car and back to the house. But finally the weather is nice and cool. So we started taking advantage of it by going to the park, riding bikes, and taking walks. It's been really nice. : )
Another thing to report is how much Willbon has taken to preschool. He loves to go to school, and everyday Jessica goes he asks me if it's his turn to go too. In his words he asks this by saying, "Will go play with trains?" He is getting good at recognizing numbers and even a few letters. His favorite song is a "days of the week" song. He used to stand by the door and grab my arm as I left him, but now he gives me a kiss, says bye and gives his teacher Mrs. Brown a big hug. It's great to see him adjust and enjoy school.
Jessica also loves school. She is starting to learn what phonics is all about, and she likes to ask me what letter everything starts with. The biggest adjustment for her is learning to cope with the 4-yr old social drama. Some days her best friend won't play with her, and sometimes she tells me about making new friends, and sometimes she tells me about girls telling her that she can't play with them and they're not going to invite her to their birthday party. It's a rough life as a 4-yr old! She has a tough time some days, but she'll get it all figured out.
Jonathan is still trying his best to roll over. No luck yet, but getting very close. He is getting bigger and stronger and cuter everyday!
Well that's the update for now. Speaking of Jonathan, he just woke up, so times up!

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