Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of School

Yesterday was Jessica's first day of Kindergarten and Will's first day of Pre-K.
Jessica told me, "Mom, I'm a Kindergartner, so that means I'm a little bit nervous." But she was also excited. She did great when I dropped her off, and when I saw her after school before I had time to say anything she yelled, "Mom!! I LOVE Kindergarten!!" She said that her favorite part was nap time (um . . . that was unexpected!). She said that she didn't sleep she just got to talk to her friend Jaden the whole time! She liked PE and recess and she liked eating lunch at school. She made a few new friends, but told me that she doesn't want to meet everybody yet, just a few friends at first. She got to color a picture of a little girl to look just like her, and they watched a movie about counting. She was very excited to go back to school today, so I hope it lasts.

Will has Jessica's teacher from last year, and we already know that we love her. He had fun, although he kept telling me that they didn't do anything. (He's not nearly as talkative as Jessica!) However, I knew he had a good time, becuase this morning he got out of bed, got dressed, and told me it was time to take him to school -- even though it was only about 7:00 am.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Willbon, He looks so cool with his Spiderman shirt and lunchbox. Mrs. Pettibone will have a ball with him as he is so adorable and lovable and obviously loves school so much. He must have had a ball to get ready so early the next morning; just couldn't wait to go back. He'll go at his own pace and do really well. He is such a little engineer already as he quickly takes everything apart to see what makes it work. What a clever sweetheart. Love GC

Anonymous said...

Jessica is so beautiful as she goes off to Kindergarten. I so wanted to see how she and Will looked that first morning as they left. I just kept imagining it all day. She'll love school. She is so quick and remembers everything. I never cease being amazed at the things she knew from school and could use in her play. The teacher will love her because she is always interested in new things and is so inquisitive. She is so special! What a great gift she is. Totally lovable. Love GC