Friday, November 2, 2007

Park Day

It started to get pretty cold last week, but we've had a few really nice days in a row. I thought we better take advantage of the nice weather before it starts getting cold again. So, we headed off to the park. Jonathan has been a bystander at our park days a lot, but today I figured he was old enough to enjoy the park from outside of the stroller. He'll be 6 months old tomorrow, and he was more than ready for his first swing ride! He loved it! He didn't mind just sitting in the seat and watching Jessica and Will run around, and when he got a little push he would smile and laugh.

This was Jonathan's first trip down the slide. He didn't enjoy that as much as the swing, but he didn't complain any.

Jessi really surprised me on the swings. She was pumping all by herself on the big swing. I got a little nervous because she was going so high! I asked her how she learned to do that, and she said she just knew how. (They have swings at her school, so I'm guessing she's had lots of practice.) Also, if you notice her shirt, we got a fun Halloween package from Grandma Curtis (thanks Grandma!), and Jessica decorated her shirt with all the stickers she got.

Here's Will and Jonathan sharing a laugh at the park. It was fun to have Will join us when he got off work.


Anonymous said...

Just watching those cute kids have fun really makes my heart sing. Jessica's shirt is beautiful. A great way to use all of those stickers! Little Will and Jonathan are delightful. They looked like they were into the park, big time. Love Grandma C

Darci said...

Wow, those are so great photos. Your camera rocks. Your family is so cute, I'm glad to see all is happy and well.