Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had lots of fun this year for Halloween, but it did get a bit crazy. Between Pre-school and church and neighborhood trick-or-treating, we were busy for two straight days. Jessica and Will did really well despite the late nights and all the dressing up. They had a lot of fun, and got WAY too much candy.

Jessica was Tinkerbell, and she was a very beautiful Tink. I borrowed a costume from a friend, but it didn't meet Jessica's standards, so I ended up making her one myself. (This girl is SOOO particular!!) From the hair to the shoes Jessica knew exactly what she wanted to look like. There were severeal other Tinkerbells that we saw, and Jessica kept telling me, "Mom, they are just fairies. There is only one Tinkerbell and that's me!" : ) She "flew" around all night and never did seem to tire. She loved telling everybody that we saw that she was Tinkerbell.

Willbon was Captain Hook. He loved being a pirate, and he sure did put on a show. At first he wouldn't say anything to anybody, but by the end of the night he was saying all sorts of Pirate speak -- "Arrrrrrgh" was his favorite, but he threw in a few "Yo Ho Ho!" and "Ahoy Matey"s. He loved that he got to carry around a hook all night. He called it his 'sharp'.

We didn't really dress-up Jonathan, but luckily he barely fit into Wills old Halloween outfit. At 20 pounds and almost 6 months we should have dressed him up like a pumpkin. He slept through the trick-or-treating while Will pushed him in the stroller.

So another Halloween has come and gone. It was more fun this year that Jessica and Will are a bit older. But now I have to figure out what to do with all this candy!!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful little "goblins". Tink was the perfect Tinkerbelle. She must have escaped from Never-Never Land! Captain Hook looked liked real mean with that big ugly hook. I would run scraeaming when he was near! The Jonathan "pumpkin" looked like a pumpkin even if he wasn't dressed as one. What a cuddly little charmer. Love Grandma C

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to say how wonderful Jessica's hair looks. What a great 'do'. It is indeed what Tinkerbelle must wear. Love, Grandma C