Monday, October 15, 2007

just so lovable

I've started scrapbooking again, so that means the photo shoots are back! Adding one more child to the mix makes things pretty interesting, but thank goodness for digital cameras. So far Jonathan seems pretty photogenic, and instead of crying as soon as he sees the camera, he actually smiles! That's a nice change to Jessica and Will, hopefully it will last!

Willbon was pretty grumpy during the whole affair, but he was still very tender with his brother.

Jessica loves to give Jonathan attention, and Jonathan is more than happy to encourage her. She is good at getting him to laugh and smile, and when he cries she will sing him songs or play toys with him. She's turning out to be a great big sister!

This is one of the only shots I got where all three kids are actually in the frame!

Jonathan is cutting teeth, so he's constantly trying to chew on whatever he can get his gums on.


The Happy Hoopers said...

Absolutely Gorgeous---They ought be in PICTURES--come to think of it they are! Elaine Curtis Hooper

The Happy Hoopers said...

I would love for everyone to see Little Will's abc song!!! Just the greatest! I am learning Spanish and I wish I had a Spanish alphabet song! Lani

Anonymous said...

Hi, What great pictures! They are all adorable. Your picture taking ability is super good. Hugs and Kisses to all of you from GRandma C.