Tuesday, April 1, 2008

another little troublemaker

Well, I think I can make it official! Jonathan is following closely behind in the footsteps of his older brother (--and sister!). It's amazing how much more of their personality comes out when they are more mobile. Now that Jonathan is getting more steady on his feet, and he is not afraid to travel the house alone, we are starting to see his mischievous side!
It started after he learned to crawl, and he headed straight for the kitchen trash can and proceeded to knock it over and play with the trash he found! Then he discovered the toilets, and then the tub and showers. After that he decided his new favorite place to play was the fireplace! He was constantly sneaking over to try and play in the ashes. The latest conquest has been the kitchen cupboards. Now that he can stand up, he loves to open and shut the cupboards, and while he's there he finds joy in emptying them of their contents! Thankfully some of our cupboards are childproofed (and soon they all will be!!), but of course, Jonathan has discovered which ones are open and he heads straight for them! Yesterday he found a glass pitcher that he thought he would try and bang against the tile to see what would happen. : / A huge crash, and lots of shattered glass later, we made it official -- Jonathan is another little troublemaker!!


Anonymous said...

Gracious, are you hands full! These happy moments will pass so quickly and just be wonderful memories you will cherish. In the meantime I know you feel like where is the limit. He's having a ball exploring his world. So many new things that make such great sounds and do such crazy things. Have a great do .
Love GC

Anonymous said...

Hope that little rascal didn't hurt himself as he must have been in a sea of glass shards. Give all of them a big hug from GC

Anonymous said...
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