Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playing in the sprinklers

I thought I'd try to upload my videos to you tube and then link to them to see if that was any easier or quicker. I don't think it is, and the quality is pretty bad! : (
Anyway, back to the video, Jessica and Will were having so much fun playing in the sprinklers. Everytime Jessica and Will would go between a sprinkler they would yell, "split!" They also loved counting to 5 and then running around! It might be kind of hard to notice on the video, but they took their shoes off a bit before I shot this and put them over a few sprinkler heads to make the water spray in different directions! I love watching them having so much fun -- and getting along!!

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Anonymous said...

It is so fun to watch them having a great time in the sprinklers. They use so much energy. They are amazing. Love the video. Love GC