Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let him eat cake!

After naps were over we made cupcakes, and Jessica and Will frosted them all by themselves! They had lots of fun, and then we all had fun eating them -- especially the birthday boy!!

Jonathan has probably had bits of cake and frosting here or there (mostly snuck to him by his father!!), but this was his first cupcake to eat as he pleased, and he loved it! As you can see from the pictures, he had no reservations smearing that frosting all over his face, hands, shirt, table, floor, etc! Immediately following the festivities, all the children went straight in the bath.

We were hoping to celebrate at the park, but it turned out to be a rainy day, so once the rain stopped, we all went for a little bike ride instead. It turned out to be a nice relaxing day, and we got to spend lots of time together, which is always nice. : )

PS. I just wanted to add that Will and I have found lots of joy in the Gorilla Blocks today too. They are pretty fun! Will was shooing the kids away as he was trying to build with the blocks. As he describes it, he was trying to maintain the integrity of a structurally sound superstructure, or as Jessica describes it, he was building a house with windows! lol

PPS. Happy Birthday little Spud!! We had a fun day (even if you won't remember it!).


Anonymous said...

What terrific pictures. IT sounds like the best of days. I'm glad you could build someting fun with the blocks too! The cupcakes sound like perfection confection. IT must have been so fun for JEssica and Willbon to be a part by doing the honors of icing the cakes. Brilliant. Much love to all. GC

Heidi said...

I can't believe that Jonathan is a year old either, Emily! I haven't even met him yet...soon, though. Cute pictures...I especially like the frosting in the ear. :)