Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blessing day

Our sweet little Jonathan was blessed today. It was a very nice blessing and even though we weren't with our family, I felt grateful for our wonderful friends that made the moment special. I wasn't able to duplicate Mom's shorthand, but I did take notes so that Jonathan can look at them someday. He started crying when all the men were trying to get situated in the circle, but once Will started the blessing he quieted right down. : ) That's my boy! I barely got his little outfit over his chubby little tummy, and once I did I couldn't believe how handsome he looked!

This morning I was talking to Jessica about what a blessing is, and she was very interested. She started coming up with a list of things that she wanted her Daddy to say. At the top of the list was a blessing that he could grow up fast so that he could play with her. Next was that he would be obedient and be a good example. : )

We missed all of you today! We feel very blessed to have such great families. We love you!


Lynnette said...

Oh wow! Emily, I love your new title and the pictures to go with it. Did you want to make me cry with the write up of the blessing and the adorable picture? Well then, you succeeded :-)

Lynnette said...

Finally I had a chance to look at the pictures and read all the write ups. You're a geneous. Ellie and Emma loved the pictures too and asked me to read every word of the postings. Cute, cute, cute!!!