Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Home Evening

Jessica talked about families at church on Sunday in her Primary class, and her teachers must have talked to her about having family home evening. She told me yesterday that she was supposed to remind us. : ) So we decided to do it last night.
We talked about homes and families and Will and I told stories to Jessica and Willbon about when we were little. We shared stories about things we liked to do and memories of places we went and traditions we had. Jessica loved it! She kept saying, "I like that too! Just like you!" I told her about being a secret leprechaun and this morning she remembered all the details and asked when we could do it again. Will talked about having the beach in his back yard. Jessica thought that would be so fun, and it made Willbon want to go to the beach! A few things the children shared were: Jessica's favorite primary song is "Popcorn Popping", and Will's favorite food is tomatoes and smarties.

For our treat/activity we made houses out of graham crackers and frosting and candy. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to Jessica's primary teachers!

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