Thursday, February 14, 2008

My little troublemaker

Willbon is a such a typical boy!! He is into everything that's dirty, messy, gross, or not allowed. The following pictures I can post, because I was not home at the time (--good babysitting Honey!! J/K, I couldn't give Will a hard time because the kids do all sorts of things that they're not supposed to on my watch too!) Anyway, I came home to find Will, and all his blankets, pillows, toys, floor, wall, port-a-crib, and many other things, COVERED in powder!!

When I first walked in I thought there was a fire there was so much white smoke in the air. Come to find out it was just my dear sweet 3 year old! He said, "Look Mommy, Will a ghost!" I told him to stay put while I got my camera, and then he was going to help me clean up! I think the look on his face is precious. A little pouty, but hiding a little smile!! It just goes to show you that he wasn't trying to be bad, he just wanted to be a ghost.


Barbie said...

Hello, my name is Barbie and I was just looking through blogs and found yours. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints too. I live in Lewisville, TX. Where are you located? (sorry if you think this is strange, I was just excited to see another member.) my blog is
Have a great valentine's Day!

Barbie said...

I just got your comment, how fun! Now we need to figure out how to get our email addresses to each other.

Anonymous said...

Willbon is so funny. He is a great ghost. The house must have smelled very good too. He is definitely a very cute rascal. Love Grandma C.