Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines Day. Jessica and Will both had Valentine's parties at pre-school, and they had so much fun decorating cards for all their friends.

Will learned how to draw a smiley face, and he had to put one on every card -- some of the cards had two or three!! He also is getting better at writing a "W" for his name. Usually he draws about 10 lines going up and down while saying, "Down-Up-Down-Up" and then he continues drawing about 5 more down-ups before he's done. Now he draws three of the lines consecutively, and the fourth line separately. It works pretty well, and definitely an improvement.

Jessica was telling me all the people that she loved that she wanted to ask if they would be her Valentine. (It ended up being about her entire class!) When I picked her up from school this little boy named Davis said "Bye Jessica" in a very flirty way, and Jessica turned back and said, "Bye Davis" while swaying her hips and moving her shoulders. I looked at her with an inquisitive stare, and she turned bright red!! She then admitted that she had a secret to tell me, that she and Davis were in love. : ) Oh dear!!

Will and I decided to make chocolate-covered strawberries, and now they are our new favorite!! They were soooooo good! In fact, I just went back and got 3 more cartons of strawberries so that we can make more. (I guess it's my new weakness!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your Val. Day looked really fun and exciting. I asked Jessica if she had a boyfriend and she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about! The cards were wonderful.We adored the one Jessica made for us.. Hooray Willbon for printing you name. What a big boy!
We did choc. dipped strawberries last year but this year I couldn't find any nice strawberries. Yours looked fabulous. Love the pictures. Love Grandma C.

Barbie said...

Yummy Food. Looks like you guys had a great V-Day! I love the heart with your little man's writings.

Darci said...

Hey Emily,
Random Comment
I found my old CD for Disney songs that we use to sing to while we were roommates, TOO MUCH FUN! It put me in a great mood all day. Thanks for the great memories!