Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Our ward had a family Pinewood Derby Activity, and so we decided to make a car for Jessica and a car for Will to enter in the derby. Will's car had to be red, like Lightning McQueen, and Jessica's car had to be pink -- surprise surprise!

Will's car won the first race, and then was eliminated in the following race. He did not mind one bit though, because that meant that he could play with his car instead of giving it back to the judges.

Jessica's car was fast. She won the first two races by a landslide, and made it to the final round as one of 4 undefeated cars!!

However, her cute, sparkly pink car didn't quite hold up in the finals. She ended up being fourth place. She didn't seem to mind either. She told me, "That's OK Mom, I'll still get a ribbon!" However, later that night she cried a little bit because her car lost. We talked about how all the people that beat her were boys that were several years older than she was, and they had had lots of practice. She was content with that and we had a good opportunity to talk to her about how winning isn't everything, and we can't win all the time, and even though she didn't get first place that it was still a lot of fun. She said she can't wait 'till next time!
Next time we'll have to have Grandpa Jon, or Gramma Lynnie give us a few pointers on how to improve our cars!

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Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful cars and they must have been so very fast. THat is going to be a very fun tradition. I'm glad Jessica is competitive too. She's a player! Yeah for Willbon and Jessica and the whole family. Love Grandma C