Friday, August 31, 2007

A first for everything!

Tonight we succeeding in doing something that has only taken 4 and a half years. : / We tired Jessica out!
Some quick background: Jessica has been crying herself to sleep basically since she was born. She hates going to sleep and fights every nap and every bedtime. It's just been something that we've grown used to. There have been many many times when we've had busy days or late nights, and we would think, "Well, maybe Jessica will be so tired that naptime or bedtime won't be such an issue this time. We have always been wrong, and no matter how busy the day or late the night, Jessica never seems to be out of energy.
Tonight Will had a planning meeting at a friends house, and the family was invited for a cook out (Florida speak for BBQ) and to swim while they planned stuff. I swam with Jessica and Will for awhile, and then joined the meeting while Jessica kept swimming and playing with some of the other children there. By the time we got home and ready for bed it was 9:00 pm (one hour past normal bedtime.) As we were kneeling down for prayer, Jessica said, "Can we please hurry because I am out of energy and I need to go get in bed."
I think my jaw hit the floor!! What?!! Jessica out of energy and asking to go to bed?!! Who is this girl, and what has she done with my daughter! I was still in shock as the prayer ended and Jessica went straight to bed without complaint. By the time I got up to go give her hugs and kisses she was under the covers and closing her eyes. I guess she really was out of energy. I didn't think it was possible for my little firecracker to run out of energy, but I guess there really is a first for everything!

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