Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nemo Cake

When Will requested a Nemo cake, I thought "No problem", but it was pretty tricky. As I was finishing putting the last little bit of frosting on, I started wondering why I didn't just go to Walmart and buy a cake with Nemo on it! I was also thinking that cake decorating, and an art degree should be required for motherhood. The real test came when Jessica came downstairs to see how I was doing, and she commented, "Well Mom, it's almost cute." Thanks Jessica!

But Will loved it!! He recognized it as Nemo, and that was what counts. He had a great day, and today he's been happy happy playing with all his new toys.

Grandma got here last night, and Jessica and Will have wasted no time keeping her busy with games and books and vying for her attention. The house is full of happy playing noises, and it's very nice!

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Mike, Darci & Molly said...

Wow Emily, I'm very impressed. You did better then I could ever do.