Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Willbon!

I can't believe that my little boy is three years old today!! Time sure does fly. I was sort of hoping that turning three would mean that Will's stubborn/independent phase would turn into a cooperative/obedient phase -- no such luck just yet! I'll keep you posted.

Grandma Curtis is coming to visit tonight. We are really excited that she could come, and Jessica and Will have been counting down the days. Will knew that Grandma was coming on his birthday, so this morning when the doorbell rang, he started yelling, "Gramma!! Gramma!!" : )

Jessica helped me wrap some presents this morning, and Will was pretty upset that he was not being included. So after we got everything wrapped, we let Will help us write names on the gifts. He carefully drew some lines while saying various letters like "f -- r -- p". (They all looked a lot like l's, but he was trying!)

Well, I'm off to make a Nemo cake. If it turns out I'll post a picture.

Happy Birthday to my sweet three year old!! I love you!

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